How to Live Forever and Avoid Hell


Being saved is easier than you think. Anyone can be saved. The person who drinks a lot, takes drugs, listens to heavy metal, has long hair, tattoos, people in jail etc etc etc. Even guys in Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Alice Cooper, Korn, WASP....

You don't have to wear a shirt and tie, shorts and sandels with socks on. You can just be you.

However, to be saved it has to be in your heart. A lot of people think they can just say the prayer to be saved and then be saved. This is not the case. You have to really believe that Jesus died for you to take your sin away.

No one can be with God unless they first pass through Jesus. That is why he sent his son to die for us - to bridge the gap. In the old part of the bible, sacrifices were what bridged the gap between God and His people but can you imagine 6 billion people in the world today sacrificing animals etc if they all accepted God? We'd decimate our food source in no time.

God sent His son as the ultimate sacrifice and make it easier for us to get over the bridge to Him.

A lot of religions teach about good works and other ways to reach God but it clearly says in the bible that the only way to God is through Jesus. Good works are important and are mentioned in the bible but not as a way to become a Christian.

I have put a few pages together to help you if you would like to read more about this. If you are not ready now, remember my website in times of hardship or need. Hopefully it will help you in some tricky situations - similar to how Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH needed help.

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