"There are people you would not believe that God has put me in touch with in the mysterious ways He does.
I'm talking about bands that are some of the most out-there in the secular market, who are completely and radically saved."




Cornerstone is one of the most popular Christian music festivals in the United States.

Commented Spitz: "I had such a blast at Cornerstone. The warm reception and gracious people that helped our family feel at home amongst so many in attendance (around 100,000) goes beyond our expectations of hospitality.

"This was the event I chose to announce what had been so secretly quiet since my departure from ANTHRAX. The new music and the people who have been quietly recording on my creations were announced. Those in attendance got to see me speak both on the main stage, as well as a wonderful question-and-answer press conference during the day hours. I felt such a warming embrace to those who were there to listen to what God has placed upon my heart to achieve. Creating this new kind of music brought me both closer to Christ, as well as closer to so many aspects of music creation. I do feel (as I did in the past) that I have created an entirely new sound never heard by the human ear before....

.... "Of course I had a great time watching Brian 'Head' Welch from KORN speak on the main stage as well. I can tell he is blessed in so many ways. I'm very much looking forward to the both of us bringing forth the talent we have been blessed with forthright into the community were it belongs. An uplifting and next level is about to appear in the Christian music scene and those who know, do in fact 'really' know what God has in store."