His autobiography tells the story of how he found God, quit drugs, and found the better part of himself.



1 - FROM KORN TO CHRIST - Part 2 - added 30/7/10

You may have remembered hearing the news back in 2005 that one of the world's most popular rock bands, Korn, was losing one of its members--to Jesus. Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch" decided that he wanted to make some major changes in his life--to get off drugs and embrace his Christian faith. Unfortunately for Korn fans, he also decided he could no longer stay in the band if he wanted to stay sober and live his faith.

Now, another member of the band, bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu has come out publically as a Christian and has co-authored a book, "Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn," (you can browse the book on Harper Collins' website) which was released earlier this month. However, unlike Head, Fieldy is determined to remain with the band.

In this interview with Beliefnet entertainment editor Dena Ross, Fieldy talks about what brought him to embrace Christianity, how he plans to stay sober, and Korn's response to his conversion.

2 - Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn - added 31/7/10

By all appearances, Fieldy had the life: the band he played bass in, Korn, had exploded, skyrocketing to the top of the charts and fronting the nu metal phenomenon. Thrust into the fast-paced, hard-rocking spotlight, Fieldy became a rock star, and he acted like one, notorious not only for his one-of-a-kind bass lines, but also for his hard-partying, womanising, bad-boy ways. The more drugs he took, the more booze he drank, the worse he became: He was unfaithful, abusive, mean, and sometimes violent. Fieldy was on the dark path of excess, alienating friends, families, and loved ones, nearly destroying himself and the band. It took an unexpected tragedy to straighten him out: the death of his father, a born-again Christian, to a mysterious illness. Following his father's dying wish, Fieldy found God. Filled with the spirit of his new faith, Fieldy quit drugs and drinking cold turkey, and found the best part of himself. With never-before-seen photos, and never-before-heard stories, "Got the Life" is raw, candid, and inspiring - the ultimate story of rock and redemption.