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Welcome to my Volksrod Projects Page.

I build these cars for fun during my spare time from pieces of scrap I find and VW Beetle wrecks and save them from the scrap heap. Along with a 1971 standard VW Super Beetle 1302S I built for my daughter, I have currently finished 'V1' dubbed 'Eddies Beer Wagon' and also 'V2' dubbed Volksrod Salvage Wagon. I am currently building 'V3' which will be a full on 2 wheeled motorbike using all VW Beetle parts along with scrap I find to build the frame.

These cars normally get their premier showing at the CRC Speedshow at ASB Auckland Showgrounds followed by all sorts of competitions after that.

So far I have won multiple awards for them as shown below.

illustration by Shane Evans -

23rd National Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival 2017