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This is a full on 1973 VW Beetle 1303s that I turned into a Volksbike to prove it could be done. I fabricated the frame from scrap steel including the front forkes and handle bars. The only items I need to buy to finish it are sprockets and chains and possibly some brake levers but will try to fabricate those myself. It has taken 4 saturdays to get into this state so far.

Photos are from the set up for the CRC Speedshow 2016 where I had a huge display showing off this and other creations.
This was in the Unfinished Project Catagory


2015 = Mock up Version
Will it work?
2016 = 6 weeks till the
CRC Speedshow
2016 = CRC Speedshow
ASB Showgrounds
23 June 2015 and 1 July 2016
4-28 June 2016
16-17 July 2016