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as per Trade Me Auction on this link

Before bidding on this auction please make sure you are familiar with all the work required to make this a drive-able vehicle!

See the links at the bottom of this page to go to specific shows or build dates with photos taken along the way.

This is just a show car / trailer queen / promotional vehicle BUT it has the potential to be a drive-able vehicle and with a lot more work, possibly road legal.

What is included for the price on trade me?

The Car Trailer it sits on and the Volksrod as shown but NOT the accessories like mannaquins, gas masks, vintage tools or the Trooper Tanker. It also includes items listed below in the Volksrod description.

The car is avaialable for sale WITHOUT the car trailer for the price shown OR the car trailer is available for sale without the Volksrod for NZ$3800.

- This has been made from lots of VW Beetles I collected for other projects over the years.
- The chassis is a 1962 chassis which has been converted to take a late 1500 gearbox and driveshafts so that the rear wheels are standard 4 stud beetle wheels. It has a temporary beam extender that I made for it to push the whole front out. It will require either a proper beam extender or rewelded pipe extender which is easy now the measurments are done. The current one is fine but would never be road legal but useable for driving.
- The front beam is from a 1961 beetle as is the main shell.
- The bonnet is a 1962 and the doors also from the same 1962 beetle.
- There is still work to do on the front end but I have a spare front end bulk head and everything you need for this.
- The rear is made from square tubing to support the flatbed deck and plywood with aluminium sheet cut and wrapped around it. The rear is finished off with Rimu wood! In fact all wood that you see is Rimu wood.
- The roof has been chopped so limited space in the car and to be honest may need extending up a bit if you are tall and has a plywood roof with aluminium thread plate with rimu wood slates cut and screwed in and rimu wood edging. The roof rack type suround is steel tube which i have rusted with mesh on the front.
- The crane I made myself by bending pipe and welding up. Block and tackle hooks on - simple as that. There is a lot of mesh used for running boards, deflectors and rear wheel arches to give it that mean rustic mad max look.
- It has 4 upright exhausts which are very wide aluminium pipe lengths with hard mesh cut and bent around them and spaced out with stainless fastenings. Inside the exhaust pipe will be stainless and I have this available for you but I have not run them through or connected it up yet to the engine. The tops are also hand made. These exhausts alone propbably took the wrong side of 20 hours to make and the cost of the material? well you can imagine...
- The rear duellies are prototypes but not finished. You could never get these road legal so for a road legal vehicle you would need huge 10" plus single wheels. The duellies are back to back standard beetle wheels with proper rally tyres on them. I purchased some special long high tensile 8.8 grade zinc threaded rod to make long studs with spacers inbetween the wheels and fitted them like this for show. Then made some special fitting rear pre 67 hub caps to match the fronts.
- Inside the car, it has all the guages but not hooked up. It has a free floating steering column from a post 67 vehicle but not connected to beam as didnt get to that point. I was going to use a 1302s superbeetle UJ extender to do this. Again I have all the parts to give you for this that I collected. It also has a 1302s steering wheel in raw form which looks good.
- The seat is only on the drivers side and is wooden which i was going to wrap in aluminium but havent done so yet. Very uncomfortable. Really it needs fibre glass buggy seats.
- The gearbox is shot and floor pan very average but sturdy BUT included is the replacement good pre 67 floor pan to match exactly AND it has been converted and includes a great 1500 late gearbox with 4 stud drive shafts and hubs so a straight swap along with all the rear brakes and hand brake etc.
- The engine is a good one but again not finished. I was building it for my first Volksrod but was going to be way to powerful as my 1400cc in my roadster is quick enough so put it in this Volksrod instead. It is a 1300 block with machined crankshaft and blank off oil pump holes so it converts it to a proper external oil filter system etc. I stripped it and rebuilt it with brand new Mahle 1600 pistons and barrels and put in new valves etc. I also brought a twin holley car and twin manifold for it which is jetted to a 1776cc I was told. It will need the oil pressure valve fitted, pipes for oil done properly as currently just slipped on for shows and a new dizzy as far as I can remember. This has obviously not been run up yet.
- Can't think of anything else yet but will chuck in all I have collected for it which is a lot.

If you had a working beetle destined for the scrap yard or to hard to restore, that would be a perfect match to knick bits and pieces off to finish it or swap it all over to the other one.

If you consider the amount of labour put into this and the cost of all the materials, parts and wood etc, you can understand the price which doesnt get close to what has gone ito it to this stage. All the design work is done as is the feasibility of it it is possible to create a VW pick up truck. You are also getting a unique one of a kind world famous Volksrod which people around the world are trying to copy. Can you go 1 stage further and get it driving? DO you have the skills and patience? This is what you have to ask yorself. I burnt myself out building first my daughters 1302s super beetle, then my first Volksrod V1 (which is almost road legal with over 1500 hours labour) then this Volksrod V2 followed by V3 Volksbike and then V4 Trooper Tanker. ALso fitted in rebuilding my 1977 mini which is my daily driver and have to maintain my other baby my Mercedes Benz 350SLK which is also now for sale :-( Now I'm done and want to move onto a Harley Davidson as easier to store and work on at work meaning I have more family time. Oh yer, I also run multile full marathons each year raising money for World Vision so you see why I'm done :-)


Brought this from a garage with 3 years WOF as newly registered as he restored it. I added a removable jocky wheel, aluminium threadplate for shows and removable mudguards etc and some side bars for tying rope to. It is also 'braked' and has a WOF till June 2018 and rego till this june 2017. It has brand new truck tyres on it as well.

Any further questions, email me via trade me or Email =

2014 = Mock up Prototype
Will it work?
2015 = 3 months till the
CRC Speedshow
2015 = Auckland Water
Front Photo Shoot
2015 = 2 months till the
Kumeu Hot Rod Show
2015 = NZ Rodder
Magazine Photo Shoot
24/7/14  to  13/9/14
25/4/15  to  9/7/15
7/10/15  to  20/1/16


CRC Speedshow

VW Owners Club
Jamboree 2015
Kumeu Hot Rod
Show 2016
Orewa Hot Rod
Show 2016
BugJam 2016

CRC Speedshow
Kumeu Hot Rod
Show 2017
18-19 July 2015
18 October 2015
16-17 January 2016
30 January 2016
27 February 2016
16-17 July 2016
21-22 January 2017

Below - Volksrod 'V2' Salvage Wagon at a photo shoot for NZ Rodder Magazine Dec 2015  

Below - Volksrod 'V2' Salvage Wagon - Winner of Peoples Choice AND Best Other
at Kumeu Hot Rod Show 2016 - Hot Rod Magazine Feb 2016

Below - Volksrod 'V2' Salvage Wagon at a photo shoot for a USA Rat Rod Magazine for 2016  

Below - Volksrod 'V2' Salvage Wagon at a photo shoot for NZ Rodder Magazine Dec 2015  

Below - Volksrod 'V2' Salvage Wagon at the CRC Speedshow at ASB Auckland Showgrounds - 2nd place Unfinished Project - July 2015

Below - Volksrod 'V2' Salvage Wagon at the CRC Speedshow at ASB Auckland Showgrounds - 2nd place Unfinished Project - July 2015

illustration by Shane Evans -