Biblical Essays
I am currently undertaking my biblical theology diploma with a view to extending it to a degree in biblical theology. The reason originally for this was to make myself ready to enter the mission field when the calling comes. However, God's plans are different to our own plans and things may change, especially as I write this I am in lockdown in New Zealand due to COVID-19.

Myself and my wife have also in the past year changed our place of worship from a Pentecostal Megachurch in Auckland to a local, quite small, community church where we feel blessed to have met so many friendly people that have welcomed us with open arms. Now being settled in a lovely house group during the week to meet together for dinner and discussion on the Word of God as well as being able to help out being back up musicians for the worship team and sound desk, there is a greater calling being placed on my heart to divert my own missions attentions to something a little outside of my thinking within this new church we attend. How this unfolds, especially in the times we are in at present, only God knows but my studies continue in both a university capacity and also on a personal independent capacity.

I decided to put a few of the papers I have written for assignments of various courses on my website for people to look over and also some of my own personal papers. My personal studies tend to get very involved and some of my views may not suit some people. However, this is all about learning so some of my views can change as I find more answers. However, I always approach my subjects with an open mind for interpretation for which you should to if you want to remark on the papers I write. I like feedback and will try to avoid my normal defensive traits when receiving feedback but to receive feedback means you will need to put some effort into explaining why a theory is not correct AND back it up with scripture. I will endeavor then to add comments anonymously to my published papers here on my site.

If any other student comes across my site and would like to use any of my information or ideas, that it find because everything to do with the study of God and our greater understanding has to be shared with the world. Please just citate my website for others to use as well. Thanks

Andy - 2/4/2020



1 - Genesis and where do all the people come from - PLUS dating the age of the earth - Personal paper