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Each week I'm posting a fitness plan to run a full 42.2km (26.1 mile) marathon in the absolute minimum time required for hopefully a post 4 hour finish time for a 46 year old male. As I am recovering from a serious accident which left me with torn abductor muscles, suspected small fractures to my lower pelvis & hip PLUS torn hip socket cartilage my finish time may not be what I would like but on a normal day this plan is do-able.

NEW UPDATE 13th Oct = Saw the specialist last week about the hip and good news in that my training has built me up well and the hip socket surviving so I will run until I can't anymore and then address the hip operation. Reason being it will be about a year recovery before I could even think of another marathon which in itself would be another 4 to 6 months training to get back anywhere near what I am currenly capable of so I have opted to fit in as many marathons around the world running for World Vision as I can.


I just also added the Las Vegas Marathon 1 week after the New York Marathon followed by a 2.9km OIcean Swim accross the Auckland Harbour a week later (all 3 within 2 weeks of each other). Yes I'm pushing the boundaries of fit person let alone a cripple like me but life is short and time waits for no one so better to do it now than never at all and that way I will not regret what I didn't do that I possibly could have done :-)


WEEK 11 UPDATE - 11th October 2017 - 4 weeks to go

I'm now into week 11 and a bit slack on updates but a lot has been going on. I've have just got back to work after a second bout of really bad fly and chest infection which has had a serious impact on my training. I hit my fastest ever 30km run on the road on 30th September after coming back from the first bout of flu and chest infection but  my next planned big run of 32km on 7th October got cut short to 22km as I could not run anymore due to lack of training and unable to breathe properly. Today is 11th October so hope to fit in a few 10km runs before attempting my last long run before tappering on 15th October.

(Week 4 to 10 to follow)

WEEK 3 – 84 days to go from Monday (12 weeks)

A better week with less pain. Managed to stay on course and covered a 10km road run, the first since May. Pain levels were ok and felt I could have run an extra 5km but getting wise to the fact I need to stay on course with limited running or I will seriously jepodise my New YOrk participation. Running is actually way easier than the treadmill on 0% which is against all the research? Walking backwards in the pool really is toning up the leg muscles and hard work and putting in the main cardio on the cross trainer elliptical machine which is a life saver. These 2 exercises alone have replaced 80% of my absent running ability and reduced impact on my hip socket.

Sun 20-8-17 = 15km bike – 1km swim – 1km Pool Walk (Back=500m – Front=500m)
Sat 19-8-17 = 10km ROAD RUN (5.18 forced slow pace)
Fri 18-8-17 = REST/WALK – stomach sickness bug
Thur 17-8-17 = 5km RUN (treadmill-0%) - 9km cross train + Gym work
Wed 16-8-17 = 500m swim – 500m Pool BACKWARD Walk
Tues 15-8-17 = 10km bike – 12km cross train + Gym work
Mon 14-8-17 = REST/WALK


WEEK 2 – 91 days to go from Monday (13 weeks)

A very painful week. A few sleepless nights with hip pain lying in bed wondering if this is at all possible. However come the next day when I am up and walking about, the pain subsides so it is just sleepless nights which are the hard thing to overcome. Managed my first road run in over 9 weeks followed a few days later by an 8km road run. Felt good but have to hold my hip on the downslope parts and run very very conservatively. Running well over 1 min longer than a usual 1km but have to live with that if I am to complete NY. Ended the week by applying to be the Flag Bearer for the opening ceremony for New Zealand. Fingers crossed :-)

Sun 13-8-17 = 8km ROAD RUN (5.24 forced slow pace)
Sat 13-8-17 = 10km cross train – 700m swim – 500m Pool BACKWARD Walk
Fri 11-8-17 = REST/WALK – press ups only
Thur 10-8-17 = 5km RUN (treadmill-0%) - 5km bike – 5km cross train + Gym work
Wed 9-8-17 = 5km ROAD RUN
Tues 8-8-17 = 2km RUN (treadmill-0%) - 20km bike – 3km cross train – 500m swim – 500m Pool walk (300m backwards)
Mon 7-8-17 = REST/WALK


WEEK 1 – official start – 98 days to go from Monday (14 weeks)

A hard week of mainly swimming and cross training. The cross training machine (elliptical) is like running but no impact as the foot plates move with your feet meaning damaged bodies like mine are able to run & train further with no impact. I top it off with some treadmill running at slow pace to get my hips and legs used to some pounding. Most people go slow but I am in virtual sprint mode for the whole time or what’s the point! (swimming is optional but part of my rehab in this instance as is gym work as working on the upper body for cardio). Rest days are very important for muscle regeneration.

Sun 6-8-17 = 5km RUN (treadmill-0%) – 5km cross train - 500m swim – 500m Pool walk + Gym work
Sat 5-8-17 = 2km RUN (treadmill-0%) - 5km bike – 5km cross train - 1km walk – 800m swim – 500m Pool walk
Fri 4-8-17 = REST/WALK
Thur 3-8-17 = 2km RUN (treadmill-0%) - 10km bike – 2km cross train - 1km walk – 500m swim – 500m Pool walk + Gym work
Wed 2-8-17 = 1km RUN (treadmill-0%) - 21km bike – 2km cross train - 1km walk + Gym work
Tues 1-8-17 = REST/WALK
Mon 31-7-17 = 22km bike – 2km walk – 850m swim – 500m Pool walk + Gym work


REHABILITATION WEEKS – Getting muscles ready for some serious work out

WEEK 4 REHAB – no running or impact work

Sun 30-7-17 = 10km bike – 1.05km swim – 500m Pool walk
Sat 29-7-17 = 20km bike – 1km swim – 600m Pool walk + Gym work
Fri 28-7-17 = 22km bike – 1km walk x 2 + Gym work
Thur 27-7-17 = 22km bike – 1km cross train + Gym work
Wed 26-7-17 = 20km bike
Tues 25-7-17 = 20km bike
Mon 24-7-17 = REST/WALK

WEEK 3 REHAB – no running or impact work

Sun 23-7-17 = REST/WALK
Sat 22-7-17 = REST/WALK
Fri 21-7-17 = REST/WALK
Thur 20-7-17 = REST/WALK
Wed 19-7-17 = 15km bike
Tues 18-7-17 = 15km bike
Mon 17-7-17 = 15km bike

WEEK 2 REHAB – no running or impact work

Sun 16-7-17 = 10km bike
Sat 15-7-17 = REST/WALK
Fri 14-7-17 = 20 minute non stop swim
Thur 13-7-17 = 20 minute non stop swim
Wed 12-7-17 = REST/WALK
Tues 11-7-17 = 20 minute non stop swim
Mon 10-7-17 = REST/WALK

WEEK 1 REHAB – no running or impact work

Sun 9-7-17 = 20 minute non stop swim